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victim and the two suspects. there were several hundred people there. >> mech is being held downtown bail. her husband is being held on $1 million bond. tomorrow ocean city will update us on whether the streets are safer. there was a safety campaign rolled out for this summer. cross walks and new signal signs, even tv ads warning us to be safe. tomorrow ocean city is going to reveal the campaign. make the case for self-defense. attorneys for george zimmerman put a forensic expert on the stand. they were trying to move -- prove that zimmerman was on the
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ground. >> reporter: the latest witness testified on forensics. they want to prove that trayvon martin attacked george zimmerman and that zimmerman shot the 17-year-old in self-defense. gunshot wound expert vincent dimao said the clothing was two to four inches away from martin's body. >> that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's, that martin was over him, but his findings called into question were zimmerman intptionally targeted martin, pointed to other possibilities. >> is it sphept with mr. mar ten
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pulling away. he's pulling away and zimmerman shooting him at that time. >> yes. >> dimao explained despite the injury to zimmerman's head, the evidence doesn't reveal who initiated the confrontation that ultimately led to martin's death a judge ruled the jury will be aloud to hear testimony about the toxicology report showing there was marijuana in marren it's system when he died. reporting from sanford, florida. >> the retrial date for amanda knox is set for september 30th. knox's acquittal was overturned in march, so there were deficiencies and contradesks in the rulg. they are determining if knox and her former boyfriend killed her british roommate. >> there's a new option about
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serving in afghanistan. it could bring our troops home by next summer. right now the schedule has troops leaving by the end of 2014. the president is considering this new zero option. the obama administration said for months they wouldn't rule out any options on troop levels but today they wouldn't say. >> president obama said the united states will fight along. there are about 63,000 american troops in afghanistan. by next february the numbers could be cut in half. it looks like the president may speed up the timeline now. >> we have some breaking news in to the newsroom right now. details on that deadly train derailment in canada. officials said they were opening a criminal investigation into the crash and fire that
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followed. we learned two new bodies have been discovered in the middle of that wreckage. investigators are putting their attention on the train's brakes. in all, we know 15 people died in the derailment and fire. a museum in georgia is apologizing. the family of a young girl said their daughter was turned away from the police because of a wheelchair. 11-year-old lexy haas as cerebral palsy and get around in a wheel cheer. her father said they told lexy she couldn't go into the mew see. either switch to one of that your wheelchairs or she could watch a video presentation on the lower level. the museum's cur rattor said it was -- curator said it was a mistake. >> want to reach out to the
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family and extend our apology to them. >> the curator said the worker misinterpreted the museum's policy. >> here's an interesting question. should you start taking medicine for a disease before you have it? doctors think the approach may help for some women with a high cancer risk. >> if you're tired of lathering on the sun screen, there's ay. the question is does this work. >> weather wise, you didn't need the sunshine for much of time. the dplam is back. the question is when will the sun be back. we'll answer that in detail. your most accurate forecast is straight ahead.
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the blisters were oozing, and painful to touch. i woke up to a blistering on my shoulder. i spent 23 years as a deputy united states marshal and i've been pretty well banged up but the worst pain i've experienced was when i had shingles. when i went to the clinic, the nurse told me that it was a result of having had chickenpox.
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i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at some important news for women with a high risk for breast cancer. dr. timothy johnson explains how medication before diagnosis could be a key to survival. >> the national cancer institute says about 232,000 u.s. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and almost 40,000 will die from it.
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now the american society of clinical oncology, a group of cancer doctors, recommends that women at high risk for breast cancer be given como -- chemo prevention. that means treating them before any signs of cancer. for premenopausal women at high risk, tamoxifen for five years. in post men they passal women -- menopausal women another one. past research indicates that more than 15% of women ages 35 to 79 could benefit from preven of it use of these drugs but less than 1% are actually getting this treatment. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. if you want your kids to do
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the best they can in school, you want to be careful what time they go to bed. your children should go to sleep around the same time every night. a new study links irregular bedtimes with poor test scores. researchers warn it's a link, not proof though that irregular sleeping habits can cause lower scores. we have a wart spout popping up in florida. it happened in a neighborhood near tampa. the storm did a little damage. homeowners reported downed trees, wires and debris. look at that. >> florida is a hotbed for water spots, especially all summer long. get those long ropey systems and weak you up. boaters have to go around them. it depends on the strength of
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it. sometimes it's more of a dustup of wart. that was more of a legitimate large storm. wild shape, too. anyway, nothing like that around maryland. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, five sweeps in motion, stray shower and over here on the eastern shore, the showers now diminished. mt. airy with partly sunny sky on a brighter note. baltimore generally cloudy, kind of a haze, still a little gloomy. 81 degrees. the clouds did hold temps down. if you work outdoors, maybe that was a brake for you, don't have to deal with so much hot summer sun. mostly cloudy toward midnight but we'll see a partly cloudy spot. probably clouding up into the afternoon. temperatures today again, below
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seasonal average. our hottest time of the year statistically in central maryland, that wasn't the case today, very humid, very muggy conditions. will this hold up. as we look at the future dew point, yes, in fact, things stay as humid. all this will be ahead of an approaching front that can bring in drier air. we think this willappen. look at that on the trend here. you see previously clearing in the morning and the afternoon showers and the main system out in set to arrive in thursday late in the day. thursday afternoon another time could feature showers. basically that very humid southerly flow and as the front moves in our direction more showers a possibility the next several afternoons, very humid conditions. there will be drier air back behopped this be from once we go into friday and saturday and
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into the week. some improvements for your outdoor plans. as we look at the tropics, very active. tropical storm chantal moving west, 1300 miles from miami. a look at the track which brings chantal right up and generally speaking with the cone of probability between south florida and somewhere in the carolinas. this is sunday afternoon so it will be subject to change. we're talking basically somewhere around savannah, georgia, charleston, south carolina bylated in the weekend as a tropical storm. tonight down to 71 degrees, variably cloudy tomorrow, 87, a p.m. shower possible with a two degree guarantee being held down temperature wise because the cloud cover rolling. 73 tomorrow night, muggy. the next few days we'll hover in
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the upper 80s. so that is the setup into the weekend. now let's head back to jamie and kelly we've been living under the threat of a possible thunderstorm for days and days. >> meteorologist mike masco has more on the devastating and destructive flooding. it's real glad. >> what a mess going on. it's been one storm after another dropping tremendous rains in parts of toronto. it's a record breaking storm dumping over five inches of rain in downtown toronto, just two hours last night the monster storm caused flooding, causing a hellish commute for many. 50 us to remain in the -- 50,000 remain in the dark. this has turned streets into lakes, highways in rivers, and inflatable boats are being used
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to rescue people. one person described it as something out of a block busting movie. it caused her collar to float. the sudden force of the wind and the rain come tbhiend take many by surprise. this big storm is actually a product of the ber mew dla high. we'll talk or about this and the days to come. mike masco, abc2 news. all right. taking a pill to keep you safe in the sun. but what are doctors saying about the sun screen pill. >> and a man on a fishing trip catches something unexpected. he phoneds and rescue last baby deer struggling to survive.
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what's the best way to protect yourself from the sun? there's so much on the market to choose from. health reporter linda so is here to help you out so you don't get burned. >> give her irish heritage and her fair skin she has to be careful in the sun. every time she dids out, the sun screen dids on. >> the ole is uncomfortable on your face. it's inconvenient to put it on and keep checking on it. >> reporter: like many, colleen says she takes short cuts if she could, but looking for simple solutions might put some people at risk. there are pills on the market promising some protection. the doctors warn there's no
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scientific proof that pills will protect you pooh we don't have that just yet. we tell patients this is not a substitute for common since for protecting yourself. >> reporter: dr. sharon trotter is a skin cancer expert. another shortcut is people buying it with a higher spf, thinking they can useless. in fact, trotter says spf 15 blocks about 93% of harmful sun rays and spf 30 blocks about 97. when choosing cleghting, avoid wearing white. >> wearing darker shades such as red or black can increase your protection. they absorb the light. >> reporter: trotter said the key is respecting and not taking shortcuts that can burn you. linda so, abc2 news. >> studies are underway to
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develop pills that could offer protection. if your allergies are driving you crazy but you can't pinpoint what triggers them, it's time for an allergy test. a skin test is common. it's done on the forearms or back. >> we take commercially available x-rays and put a doctor on the skin and scratch through that drop. >> now if you have an allergy to one of the items, you'll notice a little redness and swelling. a blood test to determine allergies is available but not quite as sensitive has the skin test. >> here's a look at what we're working on at 6:00. now that businesses are getting a new look at the bill, they're surprised at what the rain tax is bringing. >> four people shot. we have a live report from the scene. those stories coming up at 6.
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a man on a fishing trip captured a deer. >> the deer was caught in the tide. she's a strong swimmer. when brit thompson and his buddy first saw it, they didn't know what it was. >> i thought this was a log but looked different. i looked back and noticed it had ears. >> logs don't have ears. he was worried the deer would be scared if they got close. a less cuddly creature
5:56 pm
rescued in florida. a mechanic pulled a snake from a car, a boa constrictor. now the owner and the snake have been reunited. >> hey, rusty the red panda is back home after an excursion in the d.c. a few weeks ago. rusty is being held at the national zoo's hospital. the national zoo said the trees and the plants in the exhibit have been significantly trimmed back. he likely climbed over a bridge and he is reunited with his buddy shama. >> all right. coming up here at 6:00, a husband and wife team arrested after a deadly stabbing in a baltimore county bar. >> all right. a mother is helping her child
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fight a rare and miss steer yution disease. the news at 6:00 starts right now. baltimore's violent summer continues. i have new details. >> when we got the bill in the mail it want funny. >> let it rain and the bill is due. hear from business owners who fare they're getting screw. >> the gloom has come back. how will it shape up into the weekend. >> we start off with breaking news. they're searching for a gunman in baltimore city. >> four people have been shot. >> let's go to christian schaffer with the latest. >> this happened about 2:30 this
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afternoon on the west sid of baltimore. as you take a look, you can see behind me police have cleared the scene on north carrollton avenue. they said four men were out around 2:30 when at least one, possibly two suspects rolled by the good news about the shooting is the four suspects, the four victims are expected to survive, but police have not caught up to the two men they're looking for. they were up and down the block talking to the two people who live here trying to find out if anyone has information. if you recognize the area you know there have been a number of shootings over the past several weeks. police are looking into weather any of the earlier shootings are confirm -- connected to this
5:59 pm
one. once again, over here, four people shot. people who live in the area tell us they're scared. one woman a mother of four children said she's now ready to leave. >> i'm ready to move. that's a bit much. it's a bit much. i mean, you can't get no sleep on this block, period, point blank. every night, every day. >> that's the real impact of the shootings. people who live in the neighborhoods are scared. we're talking about the past several weeks. a number of shootings. what you're looking at right now is a van that was fond on calhoun street. that's two blocks away. you can see police are taking a look at that blue mini van. they have not confirmed whether it's connect to the shooting. some of the detectives on calhoun are at the scene on north carrolton avenue as well. police l

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